School Uniform / Gwisg Ysgol

Uniform is worn at Blaenbaglan School to develop a sense of pride in being a member of the Blaenbaglan school community.


School Uniform

  • Navy skirt, pinafore dress or grey/navy trousers
  • White polo shirt or shirt
  • Navy hoodie, sweatshirt, jumper, cardigan or fleece
  • Black shoes (not trainers)
  • Black or Navy Tights
  • Navy or white socks

Nursery children can wear navy jogging bottoms, white polo shirt and a navy / school sweatshirt.


School PE Uniform

  • White polo shirt or t-shirt (no bright colours)
  • Navy PE shorts, tracksuit bottoms/jogging bottoms or leggings (no bright colours)
  • Trainers
  • Swimming costume (children will be given the opportunity to go swimming at some point during KS2 – usually Year 6)


We enjoy making use of our beautiful grounds.  If children are to go on “welly walks” or activities up the woods, they will need old clothes, a waterproof coat and wellies.  If your child does not have wellies, please provide a change of suitable footwear (they cannot wear their school shoes for these types of outdoor activities).  Your child’s class teacher will advise you of any particular times your child will be using the outdoors (Foundation Phase pupils usually have a set day per week).

Children should not bring valuables to school and do so at the child’s own risk.  Mobile phones are not allowed unless prior permission has been sought from the Headteacher or class teacher.  All mobile phones should remain switched off whilst on school property.  Smartwatches (watches which link to mobile phones to send and receive calls, take photographs etc.) are discouraged and should not be used for such purposes if they are worn to school.

No jewellery (necklaces, bracelets etc) must be worn in school. If your child has pierced ears, small studs are permitted.
However these MUST be removed by the child for PE.