KS2 Classes / KS2 Dosbarthiadau

Croeso i Key Stage 2.  Here you will find information about KS2 in general as well as links to each KS2 class.  If you have any questions or queries please in the first instance contact your child’s teacher.

Pick Up and Drop Off

A member of staff will be on duty on the KS2 yard from 8.40am and will supervise the children until the bell rings at 8.50am.  If you arrive earlier than 8.40am please wait with your child until the teacher is on duty.  Children who attend breakfast club will be brought to the yard by a member of the breakfast club staff.

At the end of the day, Mrs Maggs’ children will be dismissed from her class door underneath the shelter.  Mr Davies, Mrs Skelton, Mrs Bristowe and Mrs Palmer’s classes will be dismissed from the side door (Ascot Drive entrance).  Mrs French’s children will be dismissed by a member of the LSC staff from the door underneath the shelter.

If you arrive at school after 8.50am, please be aware that you will need to take your child to the Main Office.  If you wish to collect your child early, please visit the Main Office and your child will be brought to you.  Please do not attempt to collect your child from their classroom as your child must be signed out by Mrs Matthews.

If you would like to speak to your child’s teacher and they are not on duty on the school yard, please contact the Main Office.  For Safeguarding reasons, parents are not permitted to enter the school without being signed in by Mrs Matthews or a member of school staff.

Topic Overview

Our Key Stage 2 classes will be studying “Creature Features” this term.  Please click on the link to view our topic overview: Creature Features – Spring 2020

This exciting topic will cover areas such as animal adaptations, how animals survive and the effects humans have on animals and their environments.

We will also be discussing recent events such as the Australian wildfires and the effect this has had on Australian wildlife.




This term’s homework will be class-based and linked to work being completed during our lessons.  Each piece of homework will be set by the class teacher based on work carried out that week.







Our priorities as a school have changed to meet the needs of our pupil’s emotional wellbeing.  Our Wellbeing afternoons offer children fantastic opportunities to co-operate with others in an enjoyable way and to prepare them academically and emotionally for the challenges they will face inside the classroom, and for the world they will enter when they leave school.  Your child will have the opportunity to generate ideas for lessons for our wellbeing sessions.  Previous wellbeing sessions have included French, Cooking, Drama and Dance.  Our Wellbeing sessions this term will be: Sign Language, Art, Craft, Eco, 1960s Singing, Games, Buddies & Gardening.


Music Lessons

We are proud to offer free music lessons to children in Years 4 – 6.  Mrs Kent and Mrs Maddock visit the school on a Wednesday afternoon and take violin, flute and clarinet lessons.

This service is currently offered at great expense to the school.  We therefore respectfully ask that children who are selected for these lessons remember to bring their instrument every Wednesday and take it home to practise.  Children are required to show a commitment to learning to play their instrument in order to continue with their lessons.





Class Dojo

All Key Stage 2 classes are now using Class Dojo as a means to celebrate hard work and good behaviour.  Children will earn “Dojo points” for, amongst other things, trying hard, helping others and speaking Welsh.  Children may also lose points for inappropriate behaviour, being off task and hurting others.  The response from children has been overwhelmingly positive. Each class will decide on their own rewards for receiving a given number of Dojo points.

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