National Tests / Arholiadau

National Reading and Numeracy Tests

Children in Year 2 to 9 sit national tests in reading and numeracy each year.  It is really important that your child is in school in order to take the tests.

Until recently all three tests (Reading, Procedural and Reasoning) have taken the form of a paper-copy.  However, “Online Personalised Assessments” will now be phased in over a three-year period.

Please watch a short Welsh Government video which will explain this in more detail:



For further information about Online Personalised Assessments, please visit the HWB website.

National Reading Test

The reading tests are made up of short questions based on two or more texts. Some of the questions check how well the text has been understood, others aim to find out if children are able to make judgements about what they are reading.  The children are allocated one hour to complete the test.  Younger children will be given breaks during each section of the test.

The same reading test is taken by two year groups.  Test A is taken by Years 2 and 3, Test B is taken by Years 4 and 5 and Test C is taken by Years 6 and 7.


National Numeracy (Procedural) Test

Children will therefore be allocated questions, the difficulty of which will be based on how they have answered previous questions.  No child is therefore likely to complete exactly the same set of questions as another child.  This may mean your child, if they are answering questions particularly well, is provided with very challenging questions.  Similarly, if your child is struggling with questions, they will be provided with simpler questions.


National Numeracy (Reasoning) Test

The reasoning tests measure how well children are able to use their numeracy skills to solve everyday problems. Younger children will be given breaks during each section of the test.


Past Papers / Practice Questions

There is no need for your child to prepare for the tests at home.  The tests are just one piece of evidence about your child’s skills.  The best way to prepare your child is to make sure that they are not worried or anxious.  Class teachers will provide children with example questions throughout the year so that the children become familiar with the layout and structure of questions etc. which should alleviate any worries they may have.

However, should you wish to work on anything extra with your child at home, past papers give a good indication of the type of work your child will be covering throughout the school year.  Please find a selection of these below.  The markscheme is provided at the end of each test.


Years 2 & 3 (1)          Years 2 & 3 (2)

Years 4 & 5 (1)           Years 4 & 5 (2)

Years 6 & 7 (1)           Years 6 & 7 (2)


Numeracy – Procedural

Year 2 (1)                     Year 2 (2)

Year 3 (1)                     Year 3 (2)

Year 4 (1)                     Year 4 (2)

Year 5 (1)                     Year 5 (2)

Year 6 (1)                     Year 6 (2)


Numeracy – Reasoning

Year 2 (1)

Year 3 (1)

Year 4 (1)

Year 5 (1)

Year 6 (1)

For further examples of reasoning questions, please visit the Learning Wales website

Test Results

Please watch a short video which explains more about the National Test reports.