Welsh / Cymraeg

Criw Cymraeg

Dyma Criw!  Meet our Criw!

Our Criw have weekly meetings and take every Thursday assembly.  They award certificates to children they have noticed have been speaking Welsh throughout the week voluntarily.  Our Criw have been working very hard to help us achieve our Silver Award.


Y Siarter Iaith Gymraeg

We successfully achieved our Siarter Bronze Award last year.  We are now working on targets to achieve the Silver Award (Y Wobr Arian).

Please find below a list of links for things children can be doing at home to improve their Welsh development as well as further details about Y Siarter Iaith Gymraeg.



Welsh Apps / Apiau Cymraeg

Handbook – Cymraeg Campus

Everyday Welsh in the Foundation Phase

Everyday Welsh in Key Stage 2

Learn the Welsh alphabet with this YouTube song:


Welsh Residential Summer Camps 2020

Taflen Gwersyll Haf 2020


Criw Cymraeg Twitter

Please follow our Criw on Twitter to see all their hard work being put into practice.