FP Classes / FP Dosbarthiadau

Croeso i Cyfnod Sylfaen.  Here you will find information about the Foundation Phase in general as well as links to each FP class.  If you have any questions or queries please in the first instance contact your child’s teacher.

Topic Overviews

This term the topic for Nursery, Reception and LSC1 will be “Let’s Party”.  The children will have opportunities to learn about different celebrations including birthdays, Chinese New Year, St David’s Day and Easter.  Children will have the opportunities to hear stories, taste foods traditionally associated with each celebration as well as learn about how each festival is celebrated.

The topic for Years 1 and 2 this term is “Rainforest Adventure”.  Children will be looking at where rainforests are in the world, animals, plants and people that live there.  Much of their work will be based on questions they have asked such as, “How tall are the trees?” and “Why are tree frogs posionous?”.   Their experiences will help them develop understanding in a number of areas including recognising the differences between their own locality and other parts of the world.


Pick Up and Drop Off

Each class has specific routines with regards bringing the child to the classroom in the morning and being collected at the end of the day.  Please click on your child’s class at the bottom of this page for more details.

If you arrive at school after 8.50am, please be aware that you will need to take your child to the Main Office.  The class teachers are not permitted to open doors for parents after this time.

If you wish to collect your child early, please visit the Main Office and your child will be brought to you.  Please do not attempt to collect your child from their classroom as your child must be signed out by Mrs Matthews.

For Safeguarding reasons, parents are not permitted to enter the school without being signed in by Mrs Matthews or a member of school staff.



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