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School Clubs and Sports

School Clubs and Sports

The school is a member of all the major sporting groups (Welsh Rugby Union, Football Assoc. of
Wales, Welsh Netball Assoc., Snowsport Wales, DragonSport, Welsh Gymnastics Assoc.) as well
as all the local associations linked to a variety of sports.

The school participates in a wide range of sporting activities that include football, rugby, netball,
cricket, cross-country, dance, gymnastics, etc. We encourage all children to lead an active and
healthy lifestyle and introduce our pupils to a wide range of activities that they can hopefully
pursue in the free time. We believe in a sport-for-all mentality and will encourage to children to
participate in activities that they enjoy.

The school actively participates in local and national competitions and inter-school events as part of
our philosophy of giving children opportunities to reflect on their own performance through

Listening to our Learners

There are a number of pupil committee’s set up at the school. We work closely with the children to provide the education that they feel part of developing. These include: